Thursday, February 12, 2004

You mean *tomorrow* is Friday the 13th?!

We were supposed to have snow this morning, so I decided to work from home. It was clear by the time I got up that we weren't going to have nearly as much as predicted, if any. We did have a little and then a nice downpour of sleet, but it was slightly above freezing. There was no denying, however, that it was cold, rainy and yucky. I had everything I needed to work, so I stayed here.

This was all good until we had a UPS Delivery. They've decided change some of the routes and this was a new driver. Last night someone from the local UPS office called because he had reported our address as not existing. Since I was home, my van was blocking the driveway. There's a grassed over gravel area in the neighbors' yard that allows one to do a K turn, so one doesn't have to back up all the way to the main section of the driveway. Well, my mom explained to him what he should do, but somehow he missed, managed to get stuck and ended up with one wheel over the bank to the pond. Not good. We could hear attempts to move with the wheels spinning, over and over. Eventually, a pickup truck appeared, which unabashedly went across our neighbor's yard to pull from there. It was apparently a friend he had called, to help him out. Now, imagine a small pickup trying to pull a UPS truck, up a hill. Imagine even more wheels spinning and more mud flying. Not good. My mother was livid and called UPS. They claim they will pay for the damages. I hope they do. A while later, a humongous tow truck arrived. They got a bunch of stuff from a different neighbor's yard, probably trying to jam it under a wheel. This didn't help, but made even more of a mess. It took a long time before they gave up, backed the larger than mammoth sized tow truck down the driveway and pulled the UPS truck out. The tow truck momentarily got stuck as he turned onto the main driveway and had to back up three times. My mom took pictures with my camera. It wasn't pretty. It would be nice if they would hire people who can drive, but I guess that's too much to ask.

All of this would have never happened if I had braved the yucky weather and worked from the office. I was trying to work throughout this whole episode, but it wasn't easy, so I ended up working fairly late. It would have been nice if this were the only thing that went wrong, but I think I should have stayed in bed today, rather than just staying home. Overall, the day could have been far worse, and I hope it won't be tomorrow!

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