Thursday, February 26, 2004


My sincerest apologies for not writing since Sunday night. I've been busy, which is isn't exactly a bad thing.

Early Monday morning, I met with the cabinet maker. We went over my elevations and did a lot of measuring. He showed me some pictures of his work, which looked fantastic. I'm sure many of you have seen wire "drawers" that can be put in base cabinets so make the contents more accessible. Well, he basically does a wooden version of that. The shelf bottoms pull out and it's all concealed by cabinets fronts, which open. I'd seen examples of multi-level drawers attached to a single fixed cabinet front in Fine Homebuilding, but this is actually a lot more functional, because it's easier to access from both sides.

My builder also gave me some marble samples, so I can choose which kind I want for the face of the fireplace. I've been thinking about it a lot, but I'm leaning toward the black marble.

I had fun backing my van out of my driveway, with two pick-ups and a larger insulation truck that was trying to run over me. Fortunately, my builder helped me out and made sure I didn't run into anything. Oh yes, this does mean that my house is well insulated now. Even the interior walls are insulated, which should make it nice and quiet.

That day, I also went out to lunch at Fowler's with JJ. I had a delicious goat cheese and vegetable gratin and spinach potato soup. It's still a great place for lunch. I'm so glad they reopened. We had fun, spending the whole time talking about both our houses.

Last night I went over to RK and LK's to have takeout Chinese and watch Smallville and Angel. I definitely had a good time.

It snowed today. Yes, it snowed! I worked from home again. It's supposed to snow more tonight, but it's also supposed to be really nice this weekend, so hopefully it will all melt soon.

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