Wednesday, February 11, 2004

More Snow? Oh no!

Tonight was yet another evening of watching television, primarily the Duke v.s. UVA basketball game. It was a good game, but I was worried that someone was going to get seriously hurt. Several people fell very hard and I suspect there will be some nasty bruises, at the least.

I wasn't entirely happy with the people who were voted to be two of the American Idol finalists. I really liked Fantasia's rendition of "Proud Mary" in her original audition, but something bothered me about her version of "Something to Talk About". I thought the other finalist, Diana, was very poised for a 16 year old, but vocally not very impressive. Obviously, a sizable percentage of the people voting didn't agree with me. The only time I've ever voted was in the finals last season. Generally, I think the voting is a little hokey, since you can vote multiple times.

It's supposed to snow tonight. We still have lumps of snow from the last storm! Hopefully this one will melt a lot faster, but I'll be working from home tomorrow.

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