Saturday, February 21, 2004

Reenacting Mardi Gras

My first accomplishment of the day was to sleep until 10am. In fact, that might have been the only one.

In the middle of the afternoon, I went to downtown Hillsborough, to see the reenactment of the 1781 occupation by Cornwallis. DS, one of our friends from the amateur radio community, has been participating in revolutionary war reenactments for years, but this was the first time I'd ever seen him in action. He was all decked out in his lobster coat, fancy hat and wig. His wife, KS, was also appropriately dressed. It was such a beautiful day for it, so it was fun wandering around and talking to people as they cleaned their guns and showed off their costumes.

Meanwhile, I was desperately trying to figure out when the party I was planning to attend was supposed to start and find out where my friends were, whom I had been planning pick up along the way. While DS was not even wearing his glasses, because they were not suitable for the period, I was happy dialing numbers on my cell phone. I finally found out that I was going to be fairly late if I didn't leave right then, so I did.

I had a great time at WH and BZ's Mardi Gras party. I attended their party last year, so I knew I would have a wonderful time. Wendy is a marvelous cook and she demonstrated her skills again tonight. I had vegetarian red beans and rice, crawfish pie and shrimp bisque. All were fantastic. There were lots of people eager to gobble up the crawfish pies, so I only managed to get one of them, but I made up for it with an extra bowl of the bisque. Other than that, I enjoyed watching the inebriated guests and talking to JJ, JA, EB, MP, and, of course, WH and BZ. Yes, there was some overlap in those two activities! It was great finally getting to see W&B's new/old house, too. WH also made some jambalaya, but I showed tremendous self restraint in not sampling it, because it looked and smelled delicious.

Afterwards, it was only a few more miles to RTP, so I decided to drop by the office and snatch my laptop from my office. It should make it a little easier to work some from home tomorrow if I actually have it with me.

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