Saturday, February 14, 2004

Kitchen elevations

I neglected to write anything last night, because I didn't really have much to say. I didn't get home from work until a few minutes before 9pm and I needed to vegetate.

Today, I've been working on kitchen elevations, because I'm supposed to meet with the cabinet maker on Monday morning. It's not easy deciding what I both need and want. I've got to think of what I need to store, what will be easy for me to reach, how to efficiently use the space and how it will look. I've been looking for ideas in Fine Homebuilding and Fine Cooking. Both had some innovative ideas, such as a tall cabinet fronted drawer that would hold a trash can, but not all of the things I like will work, based on what's already been decided. For example, they have a neat three level drawer. All the drawers are attached to a large cabinet front. There aren't, however, any good places where both sides of the drawer would be easily accessible, since all of the tall ones would be next to a corner. Therefore, it makes more sense to have individually openable drawers. I think everything I've drawn looks pretty good, but I'll sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow.

They are saying that it will probably snow again tomorrow, so that might delay things for a bit. Hopefully, their predictions will be as accurate as their last. More rain would be good.

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