Wednesday, February 18, 2004

While watching a basketball game....

Right now I'm watching the Duke/Wake Forest basketball game. It's pretty intense and there are only 5 minutes to go. It's been physically rough and started off on a bad note. It's very close now and Wake is leading.

I worked from home a while and then drove in around 11. It was nice to be in the office, although it's definitely less distracting at home, since it's more difficult for people to come in my bedroom and talk to me. It's fun when people come by my office to talk, though, and it can be very helpful when I need to ask technical questions. I think the commute is actually one of the nicest things about getting out of the house and going to work. I really enjoy driving.

I did watch American Idol and I was relatively pleased with the people who got through. The football guy is very talented, even if I didn't like the song he chose.

Duke lost their second game in a row. Weird. Sometimes when they started losing, I think they were just overrated, but I actually don't think that is the case this season.

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