Sunday, February 08, 2004

Tortellini and the House

This morning, I ventured out to North Raleigh to have lunch with BD at Ragazzi's. It's his birthday today and I needed to take him a basketball ticket, so he could go to the game early. He was meeting my dad, who likes to get there right as the game is starting. BD likes to watch the cameron crazies prepare for the game. Right now it looks as if Duke is 20 points ahead, so it's not quite the nail biter that everyone enjoyed the other night. I tried looking for a Ragazzi's website, but this article pretty much explains why I couldn't find one. Individual Ragazzi's have their own webpages and the one in North Raleigh just doesn't have one. It's Italian food. BD and I both had cheese tortellini. It's fairly good, especially for the price.

Not long after I got back, I went over to the new house. They've definitely made a lot of progress. Almost all the electrical work is in place. Most of the plumbing work is finished. Of course, the actual fixtures aren't there yet. The front door is there and it really looks nice, with a transom and skinny windows on either side. The doors to the deck in the great room don't quite fit, so they are actually going to have to redo some of the framing there this week. I photographed everything I could, to try to get reference photos indicating where all the pipes and electrical boxes are. That should make it easier to avoid putting nails in the wrong place, once the sheetrock is up.

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