Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Only Play A Socialite On Social Media

I don't normally flit about from one social gathering to the next, stopping for cheese at one place on to wine at another. I did last Friday, though, when I went to two different artists' receptions on the same night. First I went to Bull City Art and Frame Company, in Brightleaf Square, and saw the work of Charles Lallier, a Durham pediatrician, who demonstrated his versatility by exhibiting a series of beautiful landscapes as well as more abstract works. His skill is tremendous and I would be happy to hang any number of his pieces in my home, if I hadn't planned out all spare wall surfaces for my own work.

Here you can see Lallier on the left with the co-owner of Bull City Art and Frame Company, Lewis Bowles. on the right. The exhibit, "ECLECTIC - Landscapes and other random acts of art," will be on display through December 31st.

Next I went to Peter Armenia's Reception at Through This Lens, in downtown Durham. Peter's photography exhibit, "Sacred Light - Asia," depicts sacred places and the people that consider them so. Peter has an amazing eye and I marveled at his compositions. His exhibit will also continue through December 31st.

Peter's other profession is technical writing and he is the only person who has worked with me at both of the two jobs I've held since I graduated from college. Poor guy.

I can't ignore the fact that it's Thanksgiving! In addition to the traditional feeling of thanks for family, friends and food, I'm also thankful that we live in an area that has such talented artists and a community that appreciates them.