Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 New Year's Resolutions

First of all, Happy New Year! Thanks to my new job and Splat Space (and of course family and friends), 2010 was an incredible year for me. I had more opportunities to learn things and meet new friends than I would have ever imagined. I am optimistic that those opportunities and friendships will only grow in 2011 and for that I am very thankful.

From talking to some of you in person, I've gotten the impression that you thought that I would actually keep my resolutions from 2010 and go to all the restaurants that I planned to visit during the course if the year. Why did you think that? These were resolutions like any other. They could and would be broken.

I did go to two of the restaurants on the list, Panciuto and Queen of Sheba, both of which I liked a great deal. The problem is that I *really* liked Queen of Sheba. I kept wanting to go again and again. That kind of put a damper on my wanting to go to some of the other restaurants on the list, most of which are on the expensive side. I became an addict long before Queen of Sheba started linking to my blog post.

Cafe Parvaneh lost their lease at the end of last month, so that is no longer an option. (h/t mark_c)

What's on tap for 2011? To me, making New Year's Resolutions is really about having fun. I don't like to take anything too seriously, particularly not myself. Since I'm not even going to think about these resolutions for the majority of the year, it's not even so important that they be measurable, timely and all that. Below is stab at what I'm considering for the new year, in no particular order.

  • Go to Lantern.
  • Go back to Sugarland more than once this year.
  • Eat at Blu Seafood and Bar as much as humanly possible. (an easy one, I know)
  • Don't try to predict the future. It's a complete waste of time and can ruin your day.
  • Be prepared. (not a complete contradiction and this comes naturally to me)
  • Eat more fruit. (such a sacrifice)
  • Don't be overwhelmed and stressed by rapidly aging fruit in the fridge, but do actually eat it.
  • Attempt to concentrate on just one one thing at a time.
  • Go to a taqueria for the first time.
  • Don't feel that it's absolutely necessary to accomplish something in your spare time unless you don't have any clean clothes to wear tomorrow. Relaxation is an accomplishment. Having fun is, too.
  • Think about exercise. It's a great concept.
  • You love baking. Do it.
  • If someone gives you a genuine compliment, don't insult their good taste by arguing with them.
  • If someone claims to have met you before and you don't remember, don't argue with them either. least not the second time.
  • Take the time to play more games in 2011.
That's enough to completely ignore for one year.