Sunday, February 29, 2004

Soon I Will Have a Garage

Not too long after I got up this morning (and I do believe it was still morning), I got a call from JA. They were going to be near Hillsborough, so they thought they'd stop in at the new house. I wasn't dressed yet, but he talked to me on the phone while they were there, which was pretty cool. I felt as if I should have gotten up earlier, but it worked out okay.

Later in the afternoon, I did drive over to the new place and looked around. For one thing, I finally pulled into the garage all the way and fairly far to the right. Another car will easily fit in there. I will need something to indicate how far I can pull in, such as a ping pong ball dangling from the ceiling, to make it easier. Maybe I can have more than one hanging, so I can pull in exactly where I want. I am so looking forward to having a garage so I won't have to worry about getting eaten by bears anymore. The main change from the last time I was there that there was insulation between most of the studs.

I had been planning to go to JJ and JA's house to have dinner at 7. Around 6:30, I got a call from JJ, who wanted me to pick him up at Home Depot. Well, there were all kinds of problems, so I ended up waiting outside about an hour. I enjoyed people watching. There were a couple of young toddlers who were having a field evening, climbing all over the John Deere lawn mowers. Dinner was also worth the wait. As soon as we got to their house, JA served a wonderful chicken curry. Yes, chicken. It was, perhaps, the best chicken meal I've ever eaten. Of course, it may taste better if you haven't eaten meat in a month and a half. It also probably helps if you're absolutely starving. I would have probably scarfed down their dogs' rawhide bones, if given the opportunity. Seriously, with any appetite or prior eating habits, the meal would have been delicious. We had a very nice time, all sitting around talking with their friend, LS. JA also provided us with some of his homemade apple sorbet, made from his mother's apple jelly. Excellent.

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