Monday, February 16, 2004

Snow Work Snow

We got about four inches of snow last night. All the tree and bush branches had a thick layer of snow stuck to them, which was quite lovely as the sun was rising.

I started working today about 9:30 am. I stopped about 10:15 pm. Well, I did take a break for dinner. Lunch was a single hand affair, easily manageable when eating hard boiled egg sandwiches. Since that was more snow that I prefer to drive in, I worked from home. This time I spent the day (and night) in my room, which was a lot less distracting than being in the family room. That way the dog doesn't decide to loom over me every few minutes and I don't hear my mom yelling at him or telling him how cute he is. It's a lot quieter, at least. I would say that it was definitely easier to concentrate today than it usually is in my office, when I have my door open. I did have to call in for a meeting and that's not an advantage over attending in person. It was, however, a lot safer.

There's a Winter Storm Watch for tomorrow. We could have even more snow. More. Snow.

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