Tuesday, February 03, 2004

TV and Veggie Pizza

After I got home from work, I watched American Idol and Survivor, recorded with TiVo. This season's Survivor is definitely the most entertaining since the first season, even after just the first episode. It's probably because they brought back two of my favorite "characters" from that season, Richard and Rudy, and a few good ones from the other seasons. I actually forgot to watch American Idol, Monday night, but it didn't seem as if I missed much.

I did try a Boca pizza for dinner, which was excellent. About the only thing wrong with it was that I was sharing. I really like vegetarian pepperoni, because it isn't greasy. Fortunately, I first tried fake pepperoni several years ago, on a pizza that E&ES made, so I already knew how much I liked it.

All in all, it hasn't been an eventful evening, but I just needed to vegetate after work.

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