Thursday, April 15, 2004


This morning, I went over to the new house before work to see the first coat of paint on the walls. Wow! The yellow in my bedroom is extremely bright, much brighter than I expected. I actually wanted something a little brighter than the pale yellow paint chip, so that's good. Yellow has been my favorite color as long as I can remember, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. When you first go in the room, it's shocking and then your eyes adjust. If you hold up the paint chip, it matches pretty well, so it's really interesting. The first coat was sprayed, so it will be interesting once the second coat is rolled on, the white trim is painted and the gray carpet is in the room. I've never picked out paint colors before and I probably should have taken advice to paint some blocks of wood, but I'm quite pleased.

The "Awesome Violet" in the guest room and the "Wisteria" in the guest bathroom are absolutely gorgeous. All the lower cabinets are in the kitchen now and they are awesome, too.

Feeling anxious? My mom just sent me some simulated bubblewrap.

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