Monday, April 12, 2004

Awesome Salad

On Sunday, probably the most entertaining thing was watching a squirrel try sneak by my cat in order to get to the bird seed on the deck railing. It was hilarious every time he leaned over to look to see whether Shadow was really asleep or not. He'd sneak over an inch or two and then spin around indecisively. For about ten minutes, he made progress toward the seeds with anxious steps, leaning further over each time, just to get a closer look. Once he finally got to the seeds, directly above Shadow, it was remarkable that he didn't wake him up by spilling seeds on top of him. Finally, Shadow woke up, completely oblivious, and walked away from the railing. The squirrel exited quickly at warp speed.

Sunday night was a time to battle with Turbo Tax. I had already finished my taxes and my dad had even finished his, but he just needed to print them out. Well, he was have trouble printing, so he tried doing the update. Apparently, that update corrupted the installation such that it was impossible to start the application again. I chatted with Turbo Tax support and they told me that I needed to reinstall. Great. Of course, that meant that I had to deal with the "Adding necessary font files" hanging problem again. Lovely. I was excited to see that they had a new "Support Action" to fix the problem. It didn't work. It was getting harder and harder to get a straight answer out of support. Finally, they said I should reinstall in safe mode. That worked. When my dad tried again, it needed to be updated. It corrupted it again! I finally reinstalled in safe mode again and he's going to try manual update instructions. We'll see if that works. If not, it sounds as if he'll go back to using a spread sheet to redo everything. It's just such a shame. I've never had a problem with Turbo Tax before this year. I'm going to have to investigate this. Did they lay off employees this year? Have they been outsourcing? Did they change cafeteria vendors? It has to be something.

Tonight I went to the James Joyce Pub again. It started out as dinner with JJ, but then WH and BZ joined us. Finally, JA joined us, after he finished exercising. It was fun and the food was great. I ordered a Caesar salad with smoked salmon. It had a huge amount of cheese, which was so unbelievably good. My mom wanted me to pick up some fish and chips, because she had enjoyed my leftovers last time. JA arrived just before it was ready, so he took that and I ordered another batch. They give you three large pieces of fish, which is enough for two meals or two people. By far, the most exciting thing about the get together was learning that WH and BZ got engaged last week!

On the way home, one of my contacts turned inside out, lodged under my upper eyelid and started stinging like crazy. It's a good thing we have two of those. My other eye certainly came in handy.

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