Saturday, April 17, 2004

Another Nice Salad

Yesterday, JJ and I decided to go out to lunch at Fowler's and enjoy the beautiful weather on their patio. The problem was, after we finished eating, we'd realized that we'd forgotten to eat outside! At least we got to enjoy the sunshine while going to and from the car. I did have a delicious lunch. I ate potato samosas and a salad with tomato wedges, thick-peeled slices of cucumber and whole mint leaves. It was well spiced and very refreshing. That's definitely my idea of a salad. Lettuce should be avoided, if possible. They forgot to make JJ's steak and cheese sandwich, but once it was pointed out, they made it for free. We were in no hurry, so that was fine and dandy. I tried a new brand of root beer, Boylan's. It was ok, but very sweet. I still think Saranac and IBC are the best I've tried.

After a long day at work, even despite the pleasant intermission, I was more in the mood for sleeping than blogging last night.

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