Friday, April 09, 2004

An Early Weekend

This afternoon, my boss's boss came by the office and told me I could take the rest of the day off. I'm not sure if she did this because I've been working really hard or it's a holiday. I finally ended up leaving an hour later, at 4pm and noticed that there was actually only one other person there. A lot of people worked from home today anyway.

I realized no one was home at my parents' house, so I went over to the new house. It was great wandering around by myself, taking pictures and appreciating all the recent improvements. The weather was perfect, too.

Once my parents got home, we drove to the Nantucket Cafe & Grill. The host pointed out that my parents had been there three times without me and wondered if I spent all my time out with friends. I said that sometimes I'd been working and he didn't seem too convinced, but he was probably just giving me a hard time given that he has daughters of his own who also abandon him. Their menu had changed even since my parents' last visit and it was a lot more complicated. I usually have a hard enough time making up my mind what I want to order without new entrees and combinations. I ended up ordering calimari and New England clam chowder. That was a mistake, because I needed something lighter with one or the other of those. The chowder is so rich and I'm just not used to having that much heavy cream. One thing that's very nice is that they will let you get fresh fruit with a sandwich instead of fries. I ended up eating most of my mom's fruit that came with her lobster roll.

One of the things I have to do this weekend is pick out drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. I have a catalog, but I suspect I'm going to have a hard time making a decision. Technically, I don't even need hardware, because the fronts are shaped such that you can put your fingers around the back edge. I think pulls would help greatly, however, on some of the larger drawers, especially once they are filled.

I looked at Orkut before writing this and I noticed a few links seemed useful and interesting. For those of you who are from North Carolina and have wondered about various road construction projects, you can search and see how things are going with the NC DOT Progress Report. If you've been wanting to listen to Air America Radio, but didn't want to download the proprietary Real Audio, you can download Real Alternative and be listening to Al Franken in no time.

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