Thursday, April 22, 2004

Take your Kid to Work

I was just looking at the Blogger community on Orkut and someone posted a link to Evan William's blog, which had a link to Tim O'Reilly's article on Gmail. If that isn't a little indirect, I don't know what it is, but I thought it was a good article. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my Duke alumni e-mail reflector to switch from hotmail to Gmail. It should happen late Friday night, I think.

The raccoons are making loud noises outside.

Today was Take Your Kid to Work day and there were lot of kids running around, particularly after the scheduled activities were over. I keep my office filled with toys and candy, so it's a popular destination. The day always seems a bit odd to me because IBM has lots of special programs, so the kids don't see what status meetings, conference calls and work are really like. It's probably designed to keep children from away from all the swearing programmers. GA and her daughter stopped by and gave me a beautiful yellow rose sculpture that they got at Busch Gardens. It's really gorgeous with very thin hand-painted petals.

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