Saturday, April 17, 2004


This afternoon, I went over to the new house to see how the painting was coming along. All the cabinets have at least one coat of paint on them. That includes the upper cabinets, which are up now, as well. They have primer on all the trim now and even painted a foot or two of the green trim in the great room. I think it's going to turn out nicely.

After holding up various paint chips against the brick, I decided for certain that "Awesome Violet" would be an excellent color for the front door. I spent more time agonizing over the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. I think I'm closer to making a decision. Maybe.

My dad and I went to see the final concert of the season in the Duke Artists' Series. We saw Ballet Hispanico perform "Nightclub". It was entertaining and the dancers were very skilled, but I've enjoyed other ballets more. For example, the Parson's Dance Company's performance of "Caught" was truly amazing, where the use of a strobe light and perfect timing made a dancer appear to levitate at different places on the stage. Several years ago, the Houston Ballet Company did an entire performance to Rolling Stones hits that was beautifully executed. A really long ago, I saw a fantastic rendition of Carmina Burana, but I can't remember who performed it. The coolest thing about that was they used lights and a huge piece of fabric to produce a very realistic looking wall of fire as their backdrop.

Tonight's "Nightclub" had three different scenes, a 20's nightclub, a 50's bar scene and a club set in 2003. All were danced to latin music, which was enjoyable, but they didn't have strong plots. Actually, the most impressive thing about it was that they were basically dancing continuously for 80 minutes without an intermission and there was one guy who was the lead in all three scenes.

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