Monday, April 19, 2004

Food and Furniture

Yesterday was an excellent day. First, I went over to CL and JL's house for brunch. They have a really cool new house and it was great to see it for the first time. JJ, JA and KC also came over. C and JL cooked some tasty bacon, pancakes and eggs. With a large bowl of fruit, it was a splendid breakfast. Yes, after watching JL fry the bacon, it was not possible to just skip it. Bacon is one of my favorite foods. Ok, maybe it was possible, but... I seem to be eating not swimming meat about once a month.

After brunch, CL, JL and I went to Nowell's to look at furniture. I've been wanting to pick out a dining room table and chairs. It all started because I picked out a nifty chandelier and I wanted some nice furniture to go with it. I found some beautiful cherry dining furniture made by Skovby. I'm going to wait until I move in to order, so I can figure out the best sized table to get once the rest of my furniture is in place. Nowell's is a wonderful furniture store. We've been buying Scandinavian furniture from them for as long as I can remember. It was fun looking at all their furniture with CL while JL tested the recliners.

After I got back home, my parents and I went to the Nantucket Cafe & Grill. This time, I chose my meal wisely and had my favorite crabcakes with asparagus, mashed potatoes and lemon sauce. Afterwards, I finally picked out cabinent knobs and drawer pulls! For some strange and unknown reason, that one was one of the most difficult decisions I've made so far.

Today it was nice and sunny out, so we ate outside for lunch. This time I avoided sunburn by getting out my sun umbrella before I started to get too pink.

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