Thursday, April 08, 2004

Cabinets and Spring Beauty

Is tomorrow Friday? Thank goodness. Last night I worked until 9pm, which is a little late. I was just trying to get something working.

Yesterday morning was great, though. I went over to the new house to see my kitchen cabinets. They look fantastic! There's still some work to be done, because one of the countertops has to be lowered, which will require replacing one of the cabinets. As I mentioned in my previous post, the cabinets closest to the foyer still need to be built at their new height of 46". I'm just so pleased with everything, though. The sink cabinet in the guest bathroom has a lovely curve to the bottom. I'm going to have huge drawers in my master bath, which I can fill with tons of stuff. A few months ago, I believe I wrote about how the rooms and the house look smaller and larger depending on what stage they're in. Well, surprisingly, I think adding the kitchen cabinets actually made the great room look bigger, because there are more reference points. It's really going to be beautiful.

I stayed longer than I'd planned, talking to my builder about various things. I didn't get to work until 10:30, which means that my late night at work wasn't quite as excessive as it could have been. That didn't keep me from being really hungry when I got home either.

Today was better in that I left while it was still daylight. This time of year, I certainly prefer to commute during daylight as much as possible. This has to be the most beautiful time of the year in central North Carolina. As I'm driving to work in the morning, I can see an almost mist of green covering the hills from the leaves just beginning to come out on trees. One can see such a variety of vibrant greens this time of year. The redbud trees have been blooming with their bright orchid purple covered branches for a while, but now the dogwoods are starting to come out as well. Every year, there are few days when they both look spectacular together and that is a treat not to be missed. Both sides of the road along 70 are just covered with both trees and it's wonderful.

As I drive through Durham and on to RTP, the greens become brighter from larger leaves. Hillsborough is approximately 9 miles north-west of the Durham city limits and about 300 feet higher in altitude. That's enough for the foliage and blooms in Hillsborough to be way behind those in Durham. That also means that I can enjoy some of these things much longer than if I lived closer to work. My 20 mile drive feels just about perfect. This morning, as I was driving along 147, I even noticed a huge purple wisteria vine in full bloom! Pretty soon, that will light up my 70 route, too. Now, hopefully you can understand why it's so nice to leave work before dark.

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