Saturday, April 10, 2004

A Visit

Today C & JL came over to see the house. CL had seen bunches of pictures that I'd taken since the lot was first cleared, but I don't think she'd seen pictures of the sheetrock, so there was quite a bit of progress to show off. I had a lot of fun showing them around and telling them about work that was yet to be done.

Afterwards, we drove over to my parents' house so they could see FIFO, who was very excited to meet them. He loves all visitors. In fact, he gets a little too excited about them. Whenever he gets too emotional about something, he seems to be a little incontinent, but today he just dribbled a little. When he was a puppy and met JAW for the first time, he peed on his shoe quite a bit! Either way, it's embarrassing, but he means well.

Then, we ventured off into downtown Hillsborough, to go to Casa Ibarra, a Mexican restaurant. According to the menu, it's part of the El Rodeo chain, but it's quite good. I like their shrimp fajitas and a few other dishes. That's what I had tonight.

I am annoyed with Citysearch. It will never let me log in. If I say I've forgotten my password and they send me a new one, but it still says it's invalid. I wrote and complained to them and they admitted there was a problem and they were trying to fix it. Well, it's been several months now and it's still not working.

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