Sunday, April 04, 2004

At Least Monday Night is Free

This afternoon, I went to the new house. My builder has put up a lot of the base molding and window frames. I really like the way everything is looking. I was briefly worried that there wasn't enough space between the window frames in the great room for the wall sconces I've picked out, but I checked once I got back to my parents' house and there's just enough room. As always, I took several pictures.

Tonight was also a night of basketball, the first round of the final four. The ending of the Georgia Tech v.s. Oklahoma St. was just beautiful. The ending of the Duke v.s. UConn game, however, was not. Call me a sore loser, but I have a hard time believing the possibility of two ACC teams in the final was not a factor. The television industry certainly doesn't want that to happen, because there will be more viewers if there are two teams from different areas of the country. When there's that much money involved, I become very skeptical that everything is kept on the straight and narrow. The reffing was just too weird, with blatant fouls that weren't called, particularly in the final minutes. At least Duke didn't play badly, but, as Duhon said in the press conference, they should have gone inside to draw fouls more at the end, rather than making jumpshots.

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