Tuesday, April 06, 2004


The good news of today was that they were working on installing my kitchen cabinets. I'll get to see them in the morning. My builder and the cabinet maker recommended that I make my "wall of cabinets" between the foyer and the kitchen a little lower, to provide a better view of my windows. I think it's a good idea, but now I'm trying to decide what height makes the most sense. It's a compromise between losing storage space and adding a view. plus a high counter top at somewhere between 42" and 48". I think the high side of that range will be the best, but I need to stare at a yard stick a little while longer.

In case you are worrying, due to my opening sentence, there was no bad news today, as long as you aren't considering international news. I even left work when it was daylight, although now that we're on daylight savings time, the sun is still up at 7pm.

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