Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Table the Table at the Table

I didn't want to get up this morning. With the window next to my bed open, the temperature was perfect when my alarm went off. I debated whether I should reset my alarm for an hour later. In fact, I did. ..but then a few minutes later, I thought better of it and got on up. It wasn't a particularly good decision.

At lunch, I got a cell phone call from my mom, who was at Thrifty Office Furniture looking for the Hon tables I wanted. She said they had a larger wood laminate circular table and wondered if I wanted it. I was eating with MS and TH and they were laughing at me. I thought my mom would make a good decision, so I told her to go ahead and get it. I didn't know where I would put or use a larger table, since I mainly wanted them for moving stuff, like baking sheets full of cookies, around the kitchen and great room. I also wasn't excited about buying three tables, since I've been trying to avoid spending too much money, so I can spend too much money in the future instead. In any case, MS and TH said they didn't think I wanted the table, based on the expression on my face. My mom said it would be a gift, if I liked it. It's a very nice table. I'm using this laptop on it right now. Fortunately, my dad claimed it before I got home from work.

I just got an invitation for Gmail, because I use blogspot for this blog. That's pretty exciting. I'd love to quit using hotmail, if I possibly can. If nothing else, I don't like the ads with the pictures of scantily clad women. They could at least give me ads with pictures of men instead. Hotmail knows I'm female, so that's particularly annoying. Gmail only has text ads. We'll see if I like it.

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