Monday, April 05, 2004

Blue Corn

This morning, I slept an hour late, because I woke up at 7am and discovered that I hadn't set my alarm clock. Since my dad gets up at 7:15, it doesn't make sense to get up until 7:30, so I "re"set it. Since I had forgotten that I couldn't get through my shortcut that late in the morning and had to turn around, I didn't get in the building until almost 10. MS saw me in the lobby and told me that we had a demo at 10. I didn't even have time to take off my coat before heading to the lab. That's not the best way to start a Monday, but it didn't seem to have lasting consequences.

After work today, I met JJ and we went over to pick up some lumber at Home Depot. One of the boards was 16 feet long, so my van came in handy. The board stuck out about three feet, so he tied one of the doors shut. It worked out rather well and it was a short drive back to their new old house.

Afterwards, we went to the Blue Corn Cafe on 9th street and JA joined us. I'd never been before, so that was a treat. I had plaintain crusted mahi mahi, with pureed black beans and rice. It was rather good. The black beans were particularly good, very smooth and flavorful. I wanted to try dessert, because everything sounded good, but it just wouldn't fit.

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