Thursday, April 01, 2004

April Fool's Day

Last night, about the time I was thinking of leaving, I noticed, on the radar, that there was a nasty looking storm in my path. I ended up staying until 9:45 pm to avoid it. It actually hailed some and when I went out to the van, I saw that it had collected between my driver-side window and the side mirror. I didn't notice any on the ground or anywhere else. As I drove home, there were patches of white on the ground as I turned onto the on-ramp onto 147, from Cornwallis Rd, but that was the only evidence of severe weather that I saw.

The highlight of today was the status meeting at work. One of the people in the department announced that the code MS and I have been working on had a tremendous number problems and the schedule would have to move out two weeks. My manager looked very concerned. Since I was in on the joke, I was trying to stuff my mouth with sticky buns to keep from giggling. When she went onto another topic, our manager wanted her to go back and describe the nature of the problems. She replied that it had to do with today's date He stared at her briefly and then yelled an insult at her. It was really hilarious. I'm sure you had to be there to fully appreciate it, but believe me, the whole room was in hysterics (including our manager).

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