Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Waiting for No Show

Tonight, I left work early (6:40 pm) so I could go to a Skywarn severe weather spotting training class, taught by the guy who gave the talk to the DFMA a couple months ago, Jeff Orrock. Well, I was talking to CL, so I left a little later than I had planned. I listened to the "talk-in" amateur radio frequency along the way and was pleased to hear, a few minutes after 7, that the class instructor hadn't arrived yet either.

I got there at 7:08 and he still wasn't there. It was being held at a church in Durham and quite a few people were waiting in the fellowship hall. I ate a peanut butter sandwich and a smoothie, but he still didn't show up. Some of the guys called the 800 number for the National Weather Service and got through to the local office. Apparently, he had downloaded the directions to the church onto his laptop and the laptop died on the way. After an hour, we finally gave up and drove home.

TiVo was happily recording tonight's American Idol, so we started watching that as soon as we got home. I probably enjoyed Jon Peter Lewis's performance the best, but most of them did a great job. My mom said that she thought he reminded her of Howard Dean, which I thought was hilarious. I may agree with her a little. I was thrilled to see that George Huff shaved off his moustache. He looks so much younger. I haven't liked any of Leah LaBelle's singing, so I thought she was very consistent.

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