Tuesday, March 09, 2004

No Goop For You

I don't remember what I did other than work yesterday, so it must not have been important.

Today I worked, of course. When I got there, I was eager to have an egg and cheese biscuit, but they were out of biscuits. I tried a cheese omelet instead, but it wasn't nearly as good. MS told me that I needed to ask for a "fresh egg" omelet so I'd get freshly cracked eggs instead of the egg goop that the grill guy, S, has in his container. MS is always happy to give me tips like that. According to him, if you get egg goop, it has to go on a biscuit or bread. I was enlightened.

It was supposed to snow today, but I didn't see anything other than rain. The ground was too warm for it to stick, so it didn't make much difference, either way.

I worked late again, but I got home in time to see American Idol, with TiVo's assistance. I was not overwhelmed by the wildcard show. I think I liked the "pen salesman" the best. Note that the only time I've ever voted for anyone was when I voted ten times for Clay Aiken in the final vote.

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