Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Very Short Vacation

This morning, I took a half-day off from work, to see RP's talk. She is interviewing for a faculty position at the computer science department at Duke.

I had set my alarm for 8am, which was delightful, because I really needed the extra sleep. When I arrived at the Levine Science Research Center visitor lot, the parking spaces with the area to the right marked off were all taken. My lift is on the right side of my van, so that makes a big difference. I decided to back into a space. I swear it was one of my best parking efforts so far. I even made my dad come out to look at it, before I had to leave. It was the first time I'd ever backed into a space, by myself, without someone watching (or mocking) me.

RP did an excellent job. She did a great job at explaining her research in a clear and coherent manner. I was pleased, because, despite the fact that there were no database courses available when I was at Duke, I felt as if I more or less understood most of what she talked about. Either I've learned a lot while I've been at IBM, RP is highly proficient at explaining concepts or I'm deluding myself. I'm willing to bet it's all three. Oh, I'm not being complimentary just because she's one of the few regular readers of my blog, outside my immediate family. I was truly impressed.

It was really hot at the office this afternoon and evening. It actually reached 85 F. I heard that there is yet another part, on order, that's needed before the air conditioner will be fixed. Unfortunately, I had to stay quite late again.

Right now I'm watching the World Figure Skating Championships. Brian Joubert , of France, just finished his performance and it was quite amazing.

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