Thursday, March 11, 2004

Two Days

Last night, I didn't leave work until 8:30 pm and then I watched a TiVoed American Idol results show. I was pleased that the "pen salesman", Jon Peter Lewis, was America's choice. I like it when American people vote and I agree with the results. It happened with Clay Aiken in last year's wildcard vote. It happened this time. Let's hope it happens in November.

I've had so much work to do lately and it doesn't feel as if there's an end in sight. Of course, by some respects, this is a good thing. It's a little tiring, though.

My dad drove the van to Kernersville (near Greensboro) to get everything checked and lubricated. He vacuumed everything inside before driving it over there, so it's nice and clean. It's always comforting to have things checked, because occasionally they have found broken bolts and other problems. This time, it was fine.

Tonight we had takeout food from Neomonde I mostly ate labneh, pita and tabouli. It was delicious.

Yesterday, my parents went over to see the new house. They said all the sheetrock is up. The coolest thing is that they apparently used stilts for attaching it to the vaulted ceilings. That must have been neat to watch, but they weren't using them while my parents were there. I'm looking forward to going over there this weekend to see how it looks.

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