Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Get Your Bumpersticker Today

Today was a good day. Now what was it that I did?

One of the early things was that my mom let me know that she ordered some Kerry bumperstickers. You can get a maximum of two free bumperstickers.

Another fun thing you can do is look to see who donated money to various political candidates. All you need is a name or an address. Check out your neighbors, the CEOs of your favorite companies and your podiatrist. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to pick up donations to political parties.

I got to go outside to talk to WH and JA today. That was great! It was beautiful outside and I needed to give WH tickets to a mezzo-soprano concert.

Everything was hectic at work, but instead of subsisting on a bag of potato chips and working late again, I had dinner with JJ at Kurama. I'm sure eating sushi enhances one's programming abilities, right?

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