Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Melting at the Office

Today, it was so hot at the office. 84 F is just a little warm for thinking. It was getting to lots of people and several called it in. There were rumors that they were working on fixing it, so hopefully it will be better tomorrow. I think, just before I left, there was air coming out of my ceiling vent, but I'm not entirely positive. It was making noises and there was a dangling string that was wiggling, but I didn't actually feel any air blowing out of it.

It was beautiful outside today, which probably didn't help our morale.

I could have gone to a friend's house this evening, but I was just too beat. Instead, I watched the second half of a basketball game. Duke lost to Georgia Tech. I also watched the American Idol results show and was very happy to see that John Stevens, the redhead, was a finalist.

Time to get some sleep...

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