Sunday, March 14, 2004

Haircut, Tournament and a Good Meal

I got a haircut this morning, which, as I believe I might have mentioned, is always a traumatic experience. I was in a rush today, because I wanted to watch the final game of the ACC Tournament and I always like to take a shower after getting a haircut. I think it's actually more traumatic for my mom, who does a great job of cutting my hair, because she knows that she will endure my wrath if she slips up. if I'm not irritable enough already.

I watched Duke lose in the tournament. It was sad, but surprisingly enough, they're still a #1 seed in the East bracket of the NCAA tournament. I'm not quite sure I understand that, but I won't complain.

For dinner we went to ACME Food & Beverage Company, in Carrboro. I had pecan encrusted sea bass in a Creole gumbo with shrimp and crawfish. It was as good as it sounds. For dessert, I had the chocolate bourbon bread pudding, for the third time. Actually, I shared it with both of my parents. I believe I also had three rolls, which necessitated the sharing of the dessert.

Now I need to stare at the Schlage brochure and decide on door handle lever things, before I forget again.

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