Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sssh! You're in a Library!

Earlier this week, Duke Libraries and the Information Science and Information Studies (ISIS) program invited harried students to come to one of the classrooms in the library and play video games. Rock Band, games on the Wii and who knows what else they were playing were far from the staid and sober associations most people have when they think of any library. It was loud.

We had four projectors going simultaneously and they were put to good use. Unlike me, the students knew what they were doing. Before the start of the event, I tried using a Wii for the first time and was amazed at how much fun it was for a first time user. I last seriously played video games when my family's Atari 2600 was popular. I still tend to like the idea of shooting up two dimensional blocks of color rather than some of the super-realistic-violent games, but that's a rant for another evening.

You can read a more thorough post about Game Night on the Library Hacks blog.

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