Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vita: It's So Hot, It's On Fire!

Candles without covers have become increasingly popular at restaurants for some unknown reason. Last night, at Vita, one of my friends almost put the paper drink menu on one of the candles, but he noticed before it was too late.
A few minutes later, I looked down and was forced to exclaim, "Oh my God, it's really on fire now." I quickly took my bread plate, turned it upside-down and covered the flames. Like many restaurants, they cover all of their tables with butcher paper, so it could have gotten even more interesting rather quickly. Another friend slipped the charred drink menu in one of the dinner menus, but I wouldn't have minded seeing our waitress's reaction. At Vin Rouge, where they have similar candles, I've seen many burned plastic menus, so I can't believe this doesn't happen to a lot of people.

I ordered the ravioli of the day, which contained spinach and artichokes. Combined with their house spice mix and parmesan, it was quite good. The portion was smaller than their mammoth-sized personal pizzas, but it was still a great deal at $7.

For dessert, I chose their sorbet and gelato trio. I picked chocolate and cherry gelato with a scoop of raspberry sorbet. From the pile of spoons, you can guess accurately that I had plenty of help with this one. The chocolate and raspberry were an excellent combination.

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