Sunday, March 02, 2008

Latin Chic Library Party

Friday night, after dinner, I went back to Duke's West Campus for the Latin Chic party at the library. I took several pictures of the preparations as I was leaving work, because I thought that it would be way too crowded to take many pictures after the party started. I was right.

They brought in 75 palm trees and an unknown number of fake ones. I particularly liked this color scheme. The party was very similar to last year's, except there may have been more students and fewer staff and faculty attending. There was certainly less food available, which was disappointing. My mouth still waters after reading last year's blog post. They did have very good creamy-raspberry tarts, of which I had three, but that's all that was noteworthy.

I thought these lamps were certainly unusual, because they were filled with water and orchids. There was also a lot more dancing than last year and that was entertaining. I did get a little precariously close to it, though.

The pavilion was also a highlight. I managed to peek in not long after I got there, but we deemed it to be too dangerous to return. The whole library was pretty much a mob scene, really. They actually installed furniture resembling canopy beds in the pavilion, supposedly for lounging. Fortunately, I think they were a little too unwieldy to drag off to the stacks.

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  1. Valerie8:55 PM

    Oh, palm trees... I thought those were giant feather dusters, and was very confused as to what kind of party it was!