Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Strange vegetation has been cropping up all over central North Carolina. It covers the ground in homeowners' yards, on roadsides and sometimes even in little crevices. Most people have no idea what it is.

Today I spoke with Durham resident, Zoysia Brown, and she was completely puzzled, "I saw something like it recently, but it was beige. I don't see much of that beige stuff now." Brown, originally from eastern Asia, just moved with her family to live near the Hope Valley golf course, in Durham.

She went on to say that, "Someone told me that it was 'grass', but I'd thought that was extinct. " Brown read in local blogs about how some municipalities, including Durham, had enforced cruel practices that involved withholding water from innocent plant life, resulting in a mass dying of the grass species that grew here.

Maybe what we are seeing escaped from a bio-containment lab where its DNA was being preserved for a time when we won't have to worry so much about conserving water? Perhaps we will never know.

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