Monday, March 03, 2008

Blu Blogging: Crab Claws and Tuna Tartare

We went to Blu Seafood & Bar on Saturday night for another wonderful meal. My Second Most Faithful Reader had this pork chop, which had a molasses-black pepper glaze and sweet potato ragout. He gave me a bite of the pork and it was quite good and juicy. My MFR had the fried oysters, which many of you have seen before.

They have several new items on the menu, including jonah crab claws with lemon herb butter. They were delicious, but messy. They provided a nice damp cloth and lemon for cleaning up afterwards, which I, of course, forgot to use. There was a lot of meat in those claws and it was heavenly.

I also had the yellowfin tuna tartare with sweet soy, avocado and miso vinaigrette. It came with a crispy-thin black sesame cracker and wakame, or seafood salad. I had a hard time deciding, when asked, whether I liked the crab legs or the tuna better, but in hindsight I'd say that this was my favorite of the evening. The combination of all the flavors together on pieces of the cracker was just amazing. I'm not even a huge fan of raw tuna compared to other raw fish, but at Blu I'm always willing to order contrary to my typical likes or dislikes and I haven't been disappointed yet.

For dessert we shared a serving of their coconut flan, which is now on the menu. This was even better than when I tried it as a special. There was plenty of caramel sauce and that always makes me happy.

I hope to go back soon, because I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to try. The diver scallops with parmesan polenta Mediterranean relish was very tempting. Of course, I don't normally like polenta at all, so I'm sure I will enjoy it tremendously. I also think I need to try the chocolate bread pudding with coffee creme anglaise, don't you?

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