Monday, March 10, 2008

Just One More Orchid

Sometimes I think I have a skewed idea of how much I've written about certain topics. For example, I thought I'd written quite a bit about my orchids and it turns out that in four years, I've only posted one photo. My orchids are almost like my pets, although they aren't exactly very cuddly, but neither are fish. I used to really like painting them, because the flowers would last so long, unlike irises or daylilies for which I'd have to finish in only a day or two.

I only grow Phalaenopsis, because they are the easiest to rear. As long as they aren't being grown in some sort of newfangled gel I only have to water them once a week and I have orchid fertilizer mixed in with the water. Deviating from the schedule, however, results in a pile of blossoms in the floor. That's why I've had Remember the Milk sending me weekly reminders in several different ways for quite some time. One of my orchids has been blooming continuously for over two years. Every single one of my orchid plants is blooming right now.

Still, I'm at my limit. I don't want to take care of any more. I'd rather not have to refill my watering can more than once per week. I don't want to get water stains on any more tables. So, when my Most Faithful Reader told me that she'd bought a new one for me my reaction was on the order of, "Oh..... Why.....? Where am I going to put it?"

Then I saw that it was one funky looking orchid, indeed. I decided that having an orchid in the kitchen wasn't such a bad idea. ...but this is it! No more!

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  1. Valerie10:10 PM

    Orchids remind me of Nero Wolfe.

    Those are beautiful.