Saturday, March 01, 2008

Six Plates Blogging: Scallops and Pork Chops

Several of my friends wanted to go out to dinner on Friday night and I coerced them into going to Six Plates Wine Bar. It wasn't difficult, since they are very fond of wine and good food. We started out with a cheese plate, for $11. The one on the left, served with almonds, was Thomasville Tomme, which had a medium hardness and relatively mild flavor. There was cream cheese in the middle, which I believe was fior di robiolina. On the right, paired with honeycomb, was maytag blue cheese. That was my favorite, by far, and was wonderful with the honey. The bread, from Rue Cler bakery, was incredibly good and we asked for more.

Several of us had the diver scallops, served with black forbidden rice, swiss chard and a hibiscus reduction sauce. The scallops had a texture similar to butter and were unbelievably good. The hibiscus sauce was the perfect compliment to them, too. For $12, this was a small portion, but I was planning on attending a party afterwards and didn't mind. I would, however, recommend asking about portion sizes, because they vary tremendously. This is particularly important if you're unusually hungry.
A couple of friends had the pork chop, for $10, which was much larger. It was served with local fingerling poatoes and wilted kale. I didn't taste this, but it looked really good.

My friends tried the Muscadet-Chardonnay, which was optionally paired with the scallops and said that it was one of the best wines that they'd had in a long time. My Hippest Friend had the Brachetto dessert wine with his meal and really liked it, too.

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