Saturday, March 15, 2008

Locopops Opens in Hillsborough!

Thanks to HB, sister of the owner of Locopops, Summer Bicknell, I knew that the new Hillsborough branch of Locopops would have its grand opening today! I didn't, however, actually know where it was and started looking in the vicinity of the soon-to-be-open Weaver Street Market building. Fortunately, I just happened to run into the Archer Pelican, who had parked down there, and he told me where it was. It was great being able to catch up with him for a few minutes before heading to 121 Margaret Lane, which is roughly behind the new building.

As you can see, it's in half of a quaint little duplex. You can also see the new parking building in the distance. They are working on a new parking lot that is to the right of the store when facing it. There was actually a ramp onto the porch before the construction started. For now, this branch of Locopops is not wheelchair accessible at all and anyone for whom that is a concern should take someone along to go fetch them. It's certainly worth the effort!
For those of you who have never tried locopops, you must drop everything, go to one of the 4 1/2 locations and try one as soon as you possibly can. Until they switch to their summer hours, they are open from 12pm to 6pm. Locopops are Mexican popsicles, or paletas , and are either cream based or water based. Today I wanted to try locopops that I hadn't tried before, so I started out with a latte cream based one. It was just a wonderful creamy coffee popsicle. Some of the other creamy ones I could have chosen were Mexican chocolate, chocolate brownie, white chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, creamy lime and strawberries and cream.

Here you can see my Second Most Faithful Reader polishing off a raspberry hibiscus water based popsicle, or paleta de aqua. Some of the other choices were mighty mojito, pomegranate tangerine, mango chile, mango raspberry, lychee lemongrass and hibiscus margarita.
My 2nd MFR took this photo inside the store and of Connie Semans, co-owner of Locopops.

I wanted to try the most unusual sounding water based popsicle, so I picked blueberry rosemary lemonade for my second course. As one would expect, the rosemary adds a unique flavor to a pleasantly tart and fruity popsicle. It was great!


  1. And fun to see you, too! And to meet the lovely parents, who have charmed me to no end by reading my blog.

    Coupla things to add to your post: one of the new guest stars is white chocolate peanut butter, which looks more like white chocolate but tastes more like peanut butter. Me like.

    One of the Loco Pops staff said that Blueberry rosemary lemonade is her new favorite-color-ever pop.

    And I'll mention that they Loco Pops now has more like 5 locations (Summer says 4-1/2), with "big" shops in Hillsborough, Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham (the original on Hillsborough St.) plus the small storefront in downtown Durham at Toro Square (or whatever the new plaza is called) where their production facility is.

  2. Jackson6:46 AM

    Nice to see your blog about Locopops, Lenore. Durham Bull Pen gave me the heads up about your blog today.
    I have been so looking forward to Locopops moving to Hillsborough. I live up in Cedar Grove and have been frequenting the Durham store since they opened. While it's about an 18 mile trip (each way) for me to the Durham location, it's only about half that to Hillsborough. And better yet, only about four blocks from where I work. I made two trips there on opening day; once for my dessert after lunch (and to take some back for co-workers), and once on the way home after work to bring some home in my cooler.
    The flavors that I tried on Friday were: Nana Nilla (an old favorite of mine), Strawberries and Cream, Four Red Fruits (really nice combo of sweet and tart), and the above mentioned Blueberry Rosemary Lemonade. All of them were excellent!

    BTW- You have 421 Margaret Lane listed as their address. I believe that it is actually 121 Margaret Lane.

  3. @marsosudiro Cool, I'm off by one all the time, but I don't know that I've been off by a 1/2 many times before. Thanks for listing all 5 locations. :)

    @jackson Welcome to the Glob! Thanks to Durham Bull Pen for sending you this way. I'm so envious that you work close enough to go multiple times a day. Thanks so much for catching the mistake in the address. I've fixed that and the google map link.