Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Wooden NIckel

Shortly before going to Matthew's Chocolates last weekend, my Second Most Faithful Reader and I went to the Wooden Nickel for lunch for the first time. Back when we first moved to Hillsborough, in 1989, we practically lived at Kelsey's Cafe, which used to be at the same location, 105 N. Churton Street, in downtown Hillsborough. It's astonishing just how much they've changed the place and transformed the bright and elegant cafe into a dark and wood-paneled pub with a good-sized bar. The embossed metal ceiling is the only reminder of its old self. That, of course, is far from criticism, because it looks pretty cool and I like the dark green accents.

More importantly, I was very pleased with the food. I had fish and chips and I believe it won the Glob award for the best combined fish and chips so far, rather than just one or the other. Plus, it's a local (for me, very local) restaurant and not a chain. The types of fish they use rotate and that day I had the roughy, for $11.95 and they also offered flounder. The coleslaw was good, too, because I didn't detect much, if any, mayonnaise. Overall, I was very happy. I also wanted to try a soft pretzel, but that will have to wait until next time.

My SMFR had a half-pound of boiled shrimp for $7.95, which he said was very good. They also had standard pub fare, such as a burgers and other sandwiches.


  1. I met a few friends there for dinner a few weeks ago and they were serving fried frog legs. The Nickel's one of the best parts of moving to Hillsborough. I wish I had the chance to go there more often.

  2. If you like banana peppers, you have to try the fried ones. They're so salty but yummy drenched in ranch dressing...not for the diet minded, obviously!