Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blu Blogging: Oysters and Clams

Tonight was a wonderful night to go to Blu Seafood & Bar. All summer long the nights will be bright and perfect for food photography. Blu's sun room is a beautiful location for photographing an evening meal and certainly for eating it, of course. Since raw oysters are half-price on Tuesdays, I started with a dozen Blue Point oysters from Massachusetts. They were great and again, I opted for lemons instead of sauces, because I'm picky that way.

My Most Faithful Reader had the mahi special, with a filet over salad greens with orange slices, asparagus, red onions, mango and a citrus vinaigrette. She was very happy with it and did not offer me any.

My Second Most Faithful Reader had the Shrimp and Grits. I am always tempted to order this, because it's so good. I love asparagus, too, so that is a nice addition.

For the warm portion of my meal, I chose to try a clam special appetizer. The clams were in a butter broth, with shallots. It was also perfect for dipping their delicious bread after the clams were gone.
I know several of you have seen several pieces of key lime pie from Blu in my previous posts, but I couldn't resist showing you what this particular piece looked like today.

Despite a fantastic meal, the most memorable and best part of my visit to Blu was that I got to meet Chef Tim Lyons's mom, Sandy! She said that she and her husband, who live in California, enjoy reading my blog so they get to see what Tim has been cooking lately. It really made me happy to know that they get to stay in touch with their son a little better because of my blog and that's certainly an unexpected and wonderful benefit.

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