Monday, May 05, 2008


I know my friends are probably sick and tired of my saying how much I miss Pyewacket. I really do, though. Fortunately, Anotherthyme provides a fix in a way that no other restaurant can. I started out by ordering iced red zinger, which used to be my beverage of choice. It still is, but when I make it at home, it doesn't taste nearly as good as it did tonight. It's so tart and refreshing. I've always thought it was crucial to add Sugar in the Raw, which will actually dissolve in the the cold liquid if you are patient and energetic enough to stir it for a couple of minutes.
I tried the pork and vegetable dumplings with Vietnamese lime-tamari dipping sauce as an appetizer, which was delicious. They were served on slivered snow peas and carrots, which added a nice touch.
At the strong recommendation of our waiter, my Second Most Faithful Reader ordered the fried Tilapia with cold Asian noodles, cashews and mandarin oranges in a ginger-mirin dressing. I was very happy to steal a nice portion of this and it was excellent.

One of my favorite salads at Pyewacket was the Morning Star Salad, but it was huge. HUGE. Anotherthyme has both small and large portions, which is a fabulous idea. I still ended up taking half of my salad home, but it's a lot more reasonable, especially if you want to try more than one dish. It's an incredible salad with granny smith apples, cottage cheese, raisins, cashews, sprouts, sun flower seeds, grated carrots and Umeboshi Plum dressing.

My Most Faithful Reader had a small French Green Salad, with avocado, egg, red onions, cashews, parmesan and lemon tamari dressing. A few of you know that I'm perfectly content to eat salads without dressing, but Anotherthyme has such wonderful salad dressings that it would be almost a crime not to eat them if they were avaialble. They used to sell them by the bottle and I wish they still did.
Dessert. I'm almost speechless, so it's a good thing I'm writing. This raspberry cocotte was stunning. This dessert had a thick caramelized sugar crust that was incredible by itself. It covered layers of cheese and raspberries marinated in Chambord, a black raspberry liquor. The flavor was intense and perfect. This was the best dessert that I've had in many years and if you've been reading for a while, you know that I've had some amazing desserts.

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