Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lunch at Blue Corn Cafe

Yesterday, I had lunch at Blue Corn Cafe, on 9th Street. I'd never actually been there for lunch before, but I'd been there for dinner several times. Blue Corn belongs to the same owners as Tosca. Yesterday, they had a chicken special that looked delicious, as you can see. Apparently, it was quite good and filling, too. We considered ordering an appetizer, but the portions were so large that it's a good thing we didn't.

I ordered the vegetarian burrito, which was filled with spinach, zucchini, squash, corn, onions and tomatoes. It had a green chili sauce that was very spicy, but well within tolerable limits. I ended up eating the leftovers for dinner last night and they were excellent without heating them up.


  1. Hey, it's the late night bloggers!

    Blue Corn has a yummy salsa selection, and due to the misunderstandings of a new waiter on Wednesday, I have a whole bunch of it in my ref right now. I think I'll go eat some, just to celebrate.

  2. The food looks fantastic! I will have to go to Durham just to check it out!!!!

  3. Blue Corn was the first restaurant I ever ate at in Durham, 2 years before I moved here. The quality has wavered over the years (especially in the period after Tosca opened) but seems to be doing better lately. Sounds like it's time to go back - my hubby and I can celebrate the anniversary of our first date, which included a meal there.