Sunday, May 04, 2008

Matthew's Chocolates

I knew immediately that Matthew's Chocolates was my kind of store as soon as I got in the door. All of the chocolate in the display case was dark chocolate. It's a tiny shop, sandwiched between the Wooden Nickel and Gulf Rim Cafe, but it's "choc" full of flavor. In addition to chocolate, he sells coffee and iced tea.

After we finally decided which kinds we wanted to try first and the candies were weighed, Matthew put the chocolate in these nifty baggies.

These are some of Matthew's signature chocolates, berry cremes. These beautiful chocolates were very good. That's an understatement.

I chose "mendiants", which are chocolate discs, each with a piece of dried fruit on top. We also bought a few pieces of chocolate covered orange peel and chocolate covered ginger. There were many other kinds of chocolate available, some of which had already sold out for the day. There were several different kinds of nut-filled barks that looked delicious.

Here you can see the ginger, which was extremely juicy, soft, mild in flavor and covered in a thick layer of chocolate. Matthew's Chocolates opened about five months ago and I'm so glad it did. You wouldn't believe how excited I am about the new and wonderful shops, restaurants and other exciting destinations that have recently opened and are about to open in downtown Hillsborough, just five minutes from my house.


  1. Wow, my mouth is watering!! One of my friends who reads your blog also did a video blog from Matthew's Chocolates when she stumbled across it a while back... Between both of you talking about it and showing how yummy these little treats look, I can't wait to go myself!

  2. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Ooh, am reading this BEFORE dinner. Makes me want to drive to Hillsborough NOW.

    --Lisa S.

  3. ashley sue - thanks for the video link! That's a great interview! I'm glad he talked more about his background and emphasized how fresh the chocolates are, since he makes them all himself.

    Lisa S. - I keep seeing the pictures of the berry cremes and I want more. :)