Thursday, May 01, 2008

Taverna Nikos Blogging: A Candlelight Supper

My whole immediate family and three friends of ours went to Taverna Nikos for my mom's birthday on Monday and it was quite a memorable experience. I decided to try the lemon chicken, which was two boneless chicken breasts, spinach and tomtatoes with square shaped pasta in a lemon-wine sauce. It was very good and enough for two good-sized portions, priced at $16.

The power flickered several times and then went out completely. I checked Twitter and saw Samantha's tweet that a transformer had blown. Fortunately, some light was still streaming in through the windows, but it was darker by the time we ordered dessert and the waitress borrowed Karl's unusually bright LED flashlight to show off the dessert tray and generally navigate the restaurant. There was some emergency lighting, but that went out eventually. They quickly lit more candles and they even had a candle in the restroom.

I took this photo of my baklava when it was quite dark. This photo was described as "lame" by my visiting friend, but I think it's pretty nifty, considering. Yes, I could have used the flash, but what's the fun of that? The baklava was a lot better than the photo, though. Their baklava used to be house-made and I believe it still is.

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