Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six Plates Blogging: Eclectic Gelato

I went to Six Plates Wine Bar a couple of weeks ago and it's still memorable enough such that I want to write about it. We, of course, started out with a cheese plate. My favorite, this time, was probably the aged Gouda. I found this fascinating, because I recently had a smoked Gouda that was as close to my not liking a cheese as I thought possible. Aged Gouda, on the other hand, is divine. Also, the combination of the Elodie Farms Stilton and the honey was heavenly. I really love cheese. The tete de moine was literally a ruffledy cheese with a mild flavor.

I had this fantastic tuna tartare stack, which was slightly sweet, tangy and salty, with avocado and a mango-vanilla vinaigrette, surrounded by a cream sauce that tasted mayonnaise based. This dish was wonderful.

One of my friends got a baked scallop (yes, singular) that was served in the shell. It also contained lump crabmeat, truffle butter and fennel puree. Lamb was a popular order for us that night and it looked delicious. We got some North Carolina shrimp rolls, which were very good. Everyone also seemed very pleased with the wines that we ordered.

Dessert was actually quite exciting for me, because I never dreamed that I would try such unique flavors. Several of us tried the Flight of Gelato, for which we could pick from a list of flavors. From left to right, I had thai basil, dreamsicle and..........roasted garlic. The roasted garlic was surprisingly good, but then I am rather fond of garlic. The dreamsicle was somewhat disappointing, but I don't remember what a creamsicle tasted like, if I ever knew. The orange flavor wasn't very strong and somehow reminded me of a Necco wafer. Thai Basil was really quite nice, refreshing and pleasantly unusual.

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