Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tri-IT at UNCG

Today I drove to Greensboro for a Tri-IT conference at UNCG. You can read my blog post about last year's instance of this conference, which explains what Tri-IT is all about. If nothing else, it's always fun to get together with a horde of like-minded geeks to discuss the latest and greatest web applications. The weather was beautiful for wandering around the campus today. Above you can see the Mary Macy Petty Science building, where most of the conference was held.

This is effectively a flat-topped dome in the Elliot University Center (EUC), which is a meeting place for faculty, students, staff and visitors. It contains multiple shops, at least one cafeteria and just happens to be part of the route to the Petty Building.

Overall, from what I've seen during my two visits to UNCG's campus, it looks as if it's a very nice and attractive campus with lots of open spaces and grass. It's also fairly flat, which I appreciate.

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  1. I got my teaching certificate at UNCG in 1990, but I haven't been back in a while, so I was glad to see the pictures, especially of the completed EUC.

    While I was a student there, I found a copy of the yearbook (in the library)for my grandmother's senior year there (back when it was Women's College-"WC"), which was sometime in the early 20s (forget which year now). It was interesting to see the changes in campus between 1920-ish and the late 1980s. (It was also fun to see what my grandmother looked like as a college student--wow!)