Monday, May 26, 2008

Tosca Blogging: Classic Carbonara

I recently went to Tosca with a bunch of friends and it was basically marvelous. Two of my friends started out with an appetizer of scallops, bread crumbs, butter, Italian parsley and cognac. I tried a bite of it and it was delicious.

My Hippest Friend ordered the butternut squash ravioli special, which he said was awesome.

I had spaghetti alla carbonara, which has long been my favorite dish there. It had pancetta, eggs, olive oil, sweet cream and black pepper. It was fantastic and I could eat it every week. Unlike several of the dishes that I've ordered recently, it was better in the restaurant than as leftovers, so you may just want to attempt to eat all of it in one sitting. Good luck!

For dessert, several of us had decaf cappuccino, which was delicious. I should start carrying around cinnamon with me everywhere so I can always add it to my espresso drinks, because this was just lovely.

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  1. I enjoyed eating at Tosca when I was in West Village. I have a pretty funny story that involves my cat, a tin roof and patrons of Tosca. Remind me to tell it to you sometime.